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 YU Miaojie,SHE Kexin.A research overview of the trade intermediaries[J].Journal of Chang'an University(Social Science Edition),2022,(06):25-32.





A research overview of the trade intermediaries
(1. 辽宁大学,辽宁 沈阳 110136; 2. 北京大学 国家发展研究院,北京 100871)
YU Miaojie1 SHE Kexin2
(1. Liaoning University, Shenyang 110136, Liaoning, China; 2. National School of Development,Peking University, Beijing 100871, China)
贸易中介 买卖方匹配 贸易成本 质量验证 企业进出口 混合出口
trade intermediary matching of buyers and sellers trade cost quality verification enterprises' import and export combination export
贸易中介在国际贸易发展中发挥的作用越来越受到重视,回顾近年来国内外贸易中介文献,从贸易中介的识别方法、贸易中介影响企业贸易行为的作用机制、实证结果、企业选择贸易中介的影响因素等方面进行研究。研究发现,贸易中介的作用机制包括促进买卖方的匹配、降低贸易成本和验证产品质量; 贸易中介为企业提供了新的出口模式,帮助企业进入市场规模较小、距离较远、贸易成本较高的目的国,对企业的出口产生积极的影响,同时对企业进口国外投入品、出口和生产率提升等产生影响; 在影响因素方面,规模较小、出口产品种类越多的企业面对难以进入的市场,越可能通过贸易中介出口。研究表明,为了完善贸易中介研究的理论体系和应用实践,需要加强贸易中介能否有效应对国内外政治和经济不确定性对进出口的冲击研究,拓展跨境电商与传统贸易中介关系研究,深化企业选择混合出口模式实现贸易中介出口和直接出口的优势互补研究。
The important role played by trade intermediaries in international trade has received more and more attention. This paper reviews recent literature from home and abroad on trade intermediaries, and analyzes them from four aspects: the identification methods of trade intermediaries, the impact mechanisms of trade intermediaries on enterprises' trade behaviors, the empirical results, and the influencing factors in the choice of trade intermediaries by enterprises. Research shows that trade intermediaries can facilitate matching of buyers and sellers, reduce trade costs and provide quality verification. Trade intermediaries provide new export modes for enterprises, and help them export to countries that are smaller in market scale, more distant and require higher trade costs. In general, intermediaries have a positive impact on enterprises' exports, and have an impact on the import of foreign inputs, exports and productivity improvement of enterprises. In terms of influencing factors, enterprises with smaller scales and more diverse export products are more likely to export through trade intermediaries in the face of difficult-to-enter markets. In order to improve the theoretical system and application practice of trade intermediary research, it is necessary to strengthen the research on whether trade intermediaries can effectively deal with the impact of domestic and foreign political and economic uncertainties on import and export, expand the research on the relationship between cross-border e-commerce and traditional trade intermediaries, and develop research on the complementary advantages of enterprises choosing the combination export model to achieve trade intermediary export and direct export.


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