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Transformation and effect of national image transmission path in new media context(PDF)


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Transformation and effect of national image transmission path in new media context
FAN Yong-jun
School of Journalism and Communication, Hebei University
new media transmission lowlevel context national image communication intermediary transmission form cultural identity
With the rapid development of Internet new media communication technology, the media industry and the transmission relationship pattern have changed.How to adjust and improve the monotonic path of the transmission model has become the problem of national image transmission. This paper studied the transmission path of the national image in the context of the new media from the adaptive transformation of the main structure of the propaganda, the targeted improvement of the propaganda form and the precision borrowing of the intermediary bridge. The results show that the main subject of the national communication should use the super linkage power of the new media of the Internet, which can provide a platform for the national image communication, attract the participation of nongovernmental organizations and the general public and bear positive guiding responsibilities. The national image transmission mode should transform the elite text and expression into the popular text and symbols, by easy reading and interesting lowlevel symbols of communication, such as paintings, films and televisions, attracting different countries, classes, cultural groups to identify the overall image of the country, which is a preferred strategy to improve the dissemination effectiveness of national image. Based on the characteristics of different social network,the transmission of national image should skillfully implant a variety of new media community circle at home and abroad, increase the number of implantation of qualitative selfbeneficial image information, use the field experience of network intermediary groups and individuals leaders to let foreign people personally feel the Chinese style, encourage and support civil society organizations or individuals to create a virtual experience activities living together with foreign people by new media technology, which can increase the depth and breadth of mutual awareness, promote the identity effectiveness of the national image transmission and shape good national image.


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