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Review of the development logic of new retail and analysis of its development strategy(PDF)


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Review of the development logic of new retail and analysis of its development strategy
WANG Baoyi
School of Traffic and Logistics Engineering, Shandong Jiaotong University,Jinan 250357,Shandong, China
new retailHema freshlow entropysupply chainretail systemdata intelligencenetwork collaborationconsumer
New retail has achieved phased results in the reform of retail system and gradually expanded to supply chain integration. Under this background, the multidimensional logic of its development is examined to summarize the early experience of new retail and grasp its future development trend, based on theoretical analysis and practical demonstration.This study finds that, to deepen the understanding of new retail, in a narrow sense, it can be understood as a typical mode of indepth integration of online and offline and logistics, while in a broad sense, it can be understood as a highefficiency and lowentropy retail mode centering on consumer experience, featuring network collaboration and data intelligence, and pursuing the optimal system.Looking at the core and essence of new retail, on the whole, it conducts reform and restructuring around the core elements of people,goods and venue, and pursues the essence of cost, efficiency and experience.As for the multidimensional development logic of new retail, consumer change and information technology support provide assistance and impetus. The retail system reform and supply chain integration are the basic logic of its development. Consumer demand satisfaction and efficient, lowentropy retail system are the foundation and goal of new retail.To promote the development of new retail, we should adhere to the development path combining the type of operation that is "smallscale and sophisticated" with the platform that is "covering a large and extended area", focus on building a new retail ecological system dominated by head enterprises, and pay attention to the unity of cost, efficiency and experience.




Last Update: 2020-10-27