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Thoughts on the supply and demand logic of financial innovation and openingup in China’s (Shaanxi) Free Trade Zone(PDF)


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Thoughts on the supply and demand logic of financial innovation and openingup in China’s (Shaanxi) Free Trade Zone
LI Wenle
1. Postdoctoral Research Station of Applied Economics, Xi’an Jiaotong University ,Xi’an 710061, Shaanxi, China;2. Xi’an Branch of the People’s Bank of China, Xi’an 710075, Shaanxi, China
Free Trade ZoneShaanxifinancial innovation financial opening-upsupply and demand balanceinformation sharingmarket systemgreen development
In order to study the internal logic of financial innovation and openingup to guide the robust development of China’s Free Trade Zones, based on the perspective of supplydemand relationship, this paper explains the internal logic of market demand and policy supply of financial innovation and openingup in the Free Trade Zones. The research finds that theoretically, there is a consistent theoretical evolution from the formation, development, diffusion and promotion of economic growth of financial innovation and openingup. Practically, the financial innovation and opening up of Shaanxi Free Trade Zones should further integrate the joint forces in policy formed by the "Belt and Road" initiative, implement a coordinated development between traditional finance and emerging finance; bring in ample capital to stimulate the market vitality, accelerate the public listing process of local businesses, improve the innovative and open market system; correctly deal with the relationship between the market and the government, and drive the free flow of factors in the market through reform and innovation; develop the proactivity and foresight of government regulation, build a dynamic monitoring system of economic and financial risks, and achieve information sharing; consolidate the construction of Free Trade Zones at multiple levels including government management, business operation environment, market entity, high and new technology, green development, promote the industrial transformation and upgrade, enhance the effectiveness of the financial innovation and openingup of Shaanxi Free Trade Zones, and boost the steady and orderly development of China’s Free Trade Zoness.



Last Update: 2020-10-27